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Summer is turning deadly for motorcyclists in Ohio

Motorcyclist deaths are up in Ohio this year, but there are things motorists can do to keep the roads safe. For motorcyclists, the warm summer months mean one thing: riding season. However, with more motorcyclists on the road, summer also tends to mean an increase in motorcycle accidents. This summer has been no different, with […]

Tort Reform Statutes Let Wrongdoers Escape Liability

There is a Supreme Court election in Ohio this Fall, and recent news coverage of the candidates have referred to the candidate’s position regarding “legislating from the bench.” For example, Supreme Court Justice candidate Judge Pat DeWine is quoted as saying that what Ohio needs is justices who will “not legislate from the bench.” It […]

When is an Ohio nursing home responsible for a patient’s injuries?

Nursing homes in Ohio have a duty of care to their residents, including providing for their medical needs and creating a safe environment. Ohio law is very clear about the rights of someone living in a nursing home. According to statute, residents should not be subject to abuse and should be able to live in […]

Seeking a second legal opinion in Ohio

Ohio residents who need legal assistance should know that they have the right to get multiple opinions and select the attorney that best meets their needs. When facing serious medical issues, most people in Ohio know that they can seek second opinions. Talking to different doctors or specialists can sometimes open up new opportunities for […]

What are speed limiters?

The federal government is expected to rule on a law that would require the installation of speed limiters in commercial trucks over 27,000 pounds. Driving over the posted speed limit seems to be part and parcel of everyday life for some drivers in Ohio. Despite warnings about safety as well as potential consequences for speeding, […]