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Drowsy driving is a significant cause of accidents and injuries in Ohio

Drowsy driving on the part of passenger vehicle drivers or large truck drivers is a common cause of car accidents, injuries and fatalities in Ohio. It’s not uncommon for people in Columbus to go about their daily routines while they feel sleep deprived or fatigued. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has even labeled […]

New pre-hire process for commercial drivers

In 2016, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will launch a new database and pre-hire screening requirements for commercial drivers. Most residents who live in and around Columbus are aware of how serious drunk driving or drugged driving accidents can be. From life-altering injuries to death, the consequences that can result from these senseless and […]

New bill seeks to strengthen Ohio’s current texting and driving ban

If passed, a new bill in Ohio would make texting and driving a primary offense for all drivers in the state. Over two years ago, the state of Ohio banned texting and driving, states the Dayton Daily News. However, state legislators now seek to prevent the many injuries and accidents that occur because of distracted […]

Older drivers can cause more accidents

Older drivers may have certain physical or mental impairments that can increase the danger for them and others on the road. At a certain age, it may no longer be safe for people to continue driving, but that age can vary for everyone. Even so, many drivers on Ohio roads are likely to be suffering […]

Zinc supplements may prove useful in treating traumatic brain injuries

A new study reveals that zinc treatments may prove useful in helping patients recover from traumatic brain injuries. Many experts have referred to the incidence of traumatic brain injuries in the U.S. as a silent epidemic: outside of professional sports, it seems that many people pay little attention to the occurrence of these sorts of […]