Health Insurance Denial

When you need health care, you expect your insurance carrier to provide compensation based on the terms of its policy. Unfortunately, insurance companies often deny those claims, even when you are entitled to the coverage. In these instances, it is wise to have a lawyer on your side who is familiar with the proper interpretation of insurance policies and who is skilled at negotiating with insurance companies.

The lawyers at Volkema Thomas, LLC, have resolved many cases in which a patient’s health insurance company refused to pay for treatment recommended by the patient’s doctor. We are also well-versed in matters involving denial of disability benefits under the terms of an insurance contract. Because this area of law is complicated, these cases require experienced legal representation — exactly the type of representation our attorneys provide to all clients in Columbus and throughout Ohio.

Our attorneys are not afraid to stand up to national insurance carriers and their massive legal departments; we pride ourselves on putting our clients on even footing with these large companies and serving as the strong voice they need when their benefits have been unjustly denied.

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