Legal Conflicts Of Interest

Lawyers are obligated to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could harm their ability to represent a client. When they fail to share this information or remove themselves from a case when a conflict exists, their clients are the ones who suffer.

At Volkema Thomas, LLC, a significant portion of our practice is dedicated to pursuing claims against lawyers who let a conflict of interest or other type of legal malpractice impede their ability to adequately serve their clients. We are based in Columbus, but travel throughout Ohio to pursue claims against attorneys who ignore their responsibilities and violate their clients’ trust. Our attorneys have more than 100 combined years of experience, and at least one of our attorneys has been named for inclusion in Ohio Super Lawyers every year since 2008, including many years where the majority of our attorneys were awarded this honor.

How Do Conflicts Of Interest Arise?

Conflicts of interest can take on many forms, but typically involve situations such as:

  • Divisional conflicts, where one part of a law firm represents clients on one side of a case, while another division represents the opposing party
  • An attorney representing everyone who was hurt in a car accident (typically those hurt in the same car). Because policy limits apply, the lawyer may not be able to pursue adequate compensation for all injured clients.

Whether these legal conflicts of interest or other forms of attorney misconduct put you at a disadvantage in a previous case, our attorneys have the experience and skills to pursue a claim on your behalf.

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