Mishandling Of Trust Funds

The legal profession at its best should further the best interests of lawyers’ clients. Attorneys who practice law ethically will seek to protect rather than exploit their clients. At Volkema Thomas, LLC, we are vigilant in defense of the honor of the legal profession. While some attorneys may wish to avoid professional negligence cases involving fellow lawyers, we, on the contrary, are proud to uphold the highest principles of the practice of law.

Did An Attorney Or Law Firm Mishandle Your Trust Funds?

When our clients bring poor legal representation to our attention, we willingly and diligently review the reported facts with care. One area of the practice of law that is ripe for professional negligence is the handling of trust funds. Attorneys often take on roles as trustees or managers of trust funds. If a lawyer has a cash flow problem or a gambling problem and is less than scrupulous with clients’ funds, he or she may go down the path of misuse of those funds. In some cases, clients have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars after relying on attorneys’ honesty and ethics.

Did your elderly mother or father lose their lifesavings after an attorney mishandled trust funds? Was your own trust fund gutted after a lawyer cooked the books or turned over funds to a wrong payee? Whatever the details of your case, Volkema Thomas, LLC, is prepared to uncover the truth regarding the mishandling of your or your family member’s trust fund. In practice since 1988, our law firm has a reputation that inspires confidence in many clients.

Were You Harmed By A Lawyer’s Mishandling Of Trust Funds? Contact Us.

We may be able to help you file a lawsuit to recover some or all of what you lost when an attorney abused your trust and you lost assets as a result. Contact Volkema Thomas, LLC, in Columbus, Ohio, at 614-227-7061 to schedule a consultation.