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Even at a slow speed, a head-on collision can cause serious injury or death. A human body experiences a head-on collision at the combined velocity of both vehicles. A car crashing into a fixed object or two cars colliding head-on at about 20 miles per hours can result in a fatality.

Seat belts normally provide hope of protection in most car accidents, but in a head-on collision, the shoulder strap can become a death trap, causing a transected aorta. Many other types of injuries can result from a head-on collision, depending on the precise angle, speed and size of the vehicles and the location in the car or truck of the injured driver or passenger.

A head-on collision may be determined to be the fault of either or both drivers (when two cars collide). As with any car accident resulting in injury, important steps for involved drivers, passengers or family members to follow in the aftermath include:

  • Call 911 to summon emergency help from police, fire and/or an ambulance, as needed.
  • Contact an attorney to be fully informed of your right to collect compensation from appropriate sources.
  • Work closely with a doctor or doctors and do all that you can to help yourself recover from your injuries.
  • If you retain a personal injury lawyer, stay in close contact and be aware of the progress of your case.

Experienced Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Since 1988, Volkema Thomas, LLC, in Columbus, Ohio, has served as a valuable resource for people injured in accidents. Our lawyers can evaluate your head-on collision case and recommend the most promising path to compensation. We represent families in wrongful death cases, as well.

Was the head-on collision that injured you or took the life of your loved one caused by a defective car part or a distracted driver? We have years of experience discovering the causes of accidents and pursuing maximum available compensation for our clients.

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