Columbus Rear-End Accident Lawyers

Popular sentiment holds that in a rear-end accident, the driver behind the other is at fault because he or she did not maintain a safe following distance. While this rule of thumb may hold true in a vast majority of cases, there are often exceptions, such as:

  • A car sandwiched between others in a multicar crash: That driver may be unable to control his or her proximity to a car in front if his or her own vehicle is pushed forward by one behind.
  • A sudden and unexpected complete stop by one vehicle in the middle of a street or highway: It may be arguable in certain circumstances that the abrupt halt was out of bounds of what a driver behind could have anticipated.
  • Extenuating circumstances such as sudden changes in traffic density, weather or a driver’s alertness: A medical emergency, a sudden downpour or a sudden change in road conditions may challenge the typical concept of “fault” in a rear-end collision. Sometimes accidents are just that: accidents. Even so, injured parties should be able to collect compensation from their own insurance. This can be more difficult than expected.

Whether you were in the car or truck in front or the car or truck behind, our personal injury lawyers are prepared to look at your case and make recommendations. At Volkema Thomas, LLC, in Columbus, potential clients can expect a thorough evaluation of a motor vehicle accident.

Our attorneys listen, investigate and analyze facts carefully before making conclusions such as about who was at fault or how viable an injury claim might be. Our Ohio personal injury law firm has represented occupants of vehicles in front and vehicles behind in rear-end collision cases.

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