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A T-bone accident is usually the result of the driver of a vehicle’s failure to yield properly at an intersection. The intersection may be controlled by a stop sign, yield sign or traffic signal. Drivers should understand the rules that apply at uncontrolled intersections, as well: the same as at a four-way stop. However, sometimes drivers are distracted, blinded by sunlight or otherwise unaware of an intersection in time to stop or yield safely.

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Injuries Should Be Medically Examined Promptly After A T-Bone Accident

Injuries resulting from broadside or T-bone accidents range from mild to severe or fatal. It is critical to seek medical attention as soon as possible after any car accident, but this is especially important to emphasize in the case of car accidents causing back or neck pain. Left untreated, these injuries can worsen greatly over the next few days and weeks after a crash.

Your ability to collect maximum available compensation after a car accident may depend on a demonstration of attention to your own well-being. If you make every effort to recover well, you can be ready to make a strong case for damages in a lawsuit or injury claim.

Many Drivers Make Costly Errors At Roundabout Intersections

Increasingly, a relatively new type of intersection is triggering more sideswipe and T-bone accidents: namely, the traffic roundabout. Common in Europe for many years, traffic circles or roundabouts are relatively recent additions to many American cities, including Columbus. With proper use, roundabouts help moderate the flow of traffic. Many experts claim that roundabouts prevent accidents at highly used intersections. Even if that is true on a grand scale, it does not mean that individual drivers will not make mistakes and cause more crashes.

Quite a few American drivers are unsure how to enter and exit roundabouts safely. Inexperience leads to wrong choices, which in turn can lead to accidents. Some drivers tend to be either too timid or too aggressive about merging into the flow of traffic at a roundabout, and the outcome may be a collision.

Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible to begin the process of pursuing compensation for your injuries after a T-bone accident.

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