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Every day, private individuals going about their daily business in their cars, on bicycles and on foot must share the roads with commercial vehicles such as FedEx and other delivery trucks, snow-removal vehicles, landscaping company trucks and ambulances, to name a few examples. A few standout characteristics of commercial vehicles include the following:

  • They are generally in operation all day long, increasing statistical chances of being involved in accidents.
  • The drivers are engaged in their daily work, all day long, in these vehicles — sometimes leading to fatigue. If a commercial vehicle driver isn’t feeling well, will he or she stay home and rest? Maybe not.
  • Drivers of commercial vehicles may be under pressure to get a certain number of stops or miles completed in a compressed amount of time. In other words, the drivers may be in a hurry.
  • Commercial vehicles tend to be larger and heavier than passenger cars. A bicyclist or pedestrian struck by a commercial vehicle usually doesn’t have much chance of surviving or of recovering a productive life if he or she does survive.
  • Insurance may be ample for a commercial vehicle, but also complex. Government entities or multiple owners may be involved. A private individual will likely have a difficult time making a claim for compensation after a commercial vehicle accident without qualified legal representation.

After A Commercial Vehicle Accident, An Attorney Can Help You Recover Compensation For Injuries And Losses

If you were seriously injured in a collision with a commercial vehicle in Columbus or elsewhere in Ohio, Volkema Thomas, LLC, invites you to call for help as soon as possible. Our lawyers give free initial consultations. We can advise you on ways to protect your right to collect all available compensation for your injuries, to cover expenses and losses, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

We can uncover all the relevant layers of insurance coverage and figure out how to collect compensation if the driver was an independent contractor. We are prepared to dig deep into the background of the dispatching entity. Did they have proper safety policies in place? Did they adequately train drivers in those safety procedures? Are there any interstate issues involved? (For example, is the parent company owning all or part of the vehicle based out of state?) Was the driver properly licensed? Was he or she fatigued?

Incidentally, we are well-aware that many law firms would like to represent you after a commercial vehicle accident, because of the likelihood of strong insurance coverage. However, we caution you that not all law firms have the depth of experience available at Volkema Thomas, LLC. Our knowledge enables us to cut through the maze of insurance policies and discover the most promising ways to recover full compensation for our injured victims.

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