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When a utility such as an electricity company, waterworks agency or natural gas provider does installations and maintenance, there may be both public and private responsible parties. A municipality or other government body may direct the operations of a utility. A private company may dispatch trucks and hire service personnel including drivers.

Utilities May Be Public Or Private

Ohio has more private utilities than public utilities. In general, gas and electric utilities are privately owned. Telecommunications companies are private. Waterworks are public. Other municipality-governed or county-controlled public services that use vehicles may include firefighting, road construction and maintenance, forestry, paramedic services and police. Garbage collection and snow removal may be publicly or privately owned and operated services.

The distinction between public and private services matters after an accident involving a utility vehicle injures someone. This distinction helps determine how an injured person or surviving family members may pursue compensation for injuries and losses. Government regulations, company policies and traffic laws may all come into play in an investigation into the cause of a utility vehicle accident.

Our Law Firm Has Ample Experience Handling Complex Accident Cases

When Volkema Thomas, LLC, represents an individual or family after a utility vehicle accident, our attorneys leave no stone unturned. We have abundant experience handling complex accident cases, including injury cases involving utility trucks and apparatuses such as cherry pickers.

Our experience informs us as to what to look for, depending on the circumstances of the crash. We are likely to review sources such as training manuals, employee hiring practices, driving records, GPS tracking records, driver’s logs, dispatch records and more. We often uncover the key to an injury case based on negligence through review of such sources.

The bottom line is this: We are committed to helping each injured client recover maximum available damages to cope with:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

After A Utility Truck Accident, Lawyers At Volkema Thomas Miller & Scott, LPA, In Columbus Can Evaluate Your Case

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