Columbus Assisted Living Facility Abuse And Neglect Attorneys

Assisted living facilities offer alternative arrangements for care and life management for elderly or disabled residents who need help with activities of daily living. An assisted living facility generally has fewer nurses and residents with greater independence than is the case in a nursing home. Residents typically require personal care part of the time but not as intensively as nursing home residents do. It offers residents socialization and options such as dining service that can make everyday life safer.

Understaffing Is Common In Long-Term Care Facilities

Unfortunately, negligence sometimes clouds the picture of care and safety at assisted living facilities. Understaffing and carelessness can result in injuries and even preventable deaths in assisted living homes.

If you helped arrange placement of your elderly or disabled parent, spouse, adult child or other close relative or friend in an assisted living home in Ohio, you no doubt believed you were promoting his or her safety and well-being. If he or she then suffered harm, you likely have serious questions such as:

  • Were caregivers poorly trained or supervised?
  • Did bedsores, malnutrition or dehydration develop because caregivers were inattentive?
  • Were facilities poorly maintained?
  • Did nurse supervisors fail to carry out orders issued by doctors or therapists?
  • Did managers ignore your loved one’s genuine concerns?
  • Did communication gaps between outside services (such as visiting physicians) and in-house personnel (such as nurses’ aides) lead to a medication error or use of inappropriate medical devices (such as a wheelchair)?
  • Was emotional abuse an underlying tone leading up to an injury or a medical emergency that should have been preventable?
  • Did sexual abuse or other types of assault take place when the facility was understaffed or lacking in proper supervision of care personnel?

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