Injured In A Nursing Home

Fragile elderly persons enter nursing homes with the expectation that the facility will provide care that they or their loved ones can’t provide themselves. When those same facilities, through abuse or neglect, end up inflicting more harm, it can be shocking to those whose trust has been violated. If you suspect your loved has been injured in a nursing home in Ohio, an attorney at Volkema Thomas, LLC, can discuss your situation with you and provide you with informed legal guidance on the best way to proceed.

The Danger Of Falls

Elderly people who may be weak, have poor eyesight and balance issues are at risk for injuries from falls. These injuries can include:

  • Fractures
  • Sprains
  • Lacerations

Fractures are particularly risky for older persons, as in many cases they can lead to death. An elderly person’s risk for falling, while already elevated, can increase if a nursing home is understaffed and residents are unsupervised. Furthermore, if a resident doesn’t have regular visitors, injuries from nursing home neglect may go unnoticed and untreated for some time.

Bedsores Are A Sign Of Neglect

Painful ulcers can develop on the skin in residents who lie in bed in the same position for a long period of time, either from understaffing or neglect. Residents who are left in bed and are unable to get themselves to the bathroom may soil their sheets, which in turn contributes to infection in any existing ulcers. This is unacceptable care in a nursing home environment, and can point to a negligent or abusive environment rather than a simple accident.

Abuse in a nursing home isn’t always physical. Nursing home residents sometimes suffer mental and emotional abuse, or even financial exploitation. If you suspect something is amiss at your loved one’s nursing home, talk to a lawyer right away.

Don’t Wait For Things To Get Worse

It’s a terrible thing to realize that your loved one might be in a bad situation in a nursing home. But you don’t have to stand idly by and watch that person suffer. Take advantage of your free initial consultation at Volkema Thomas, LLC, to discuss your options. Call our Columbus office at 614-227-7061 or reach out online for more information.