Columbus Negligent Security Lawyers

Were you injured in an assault in front of a mall or in an apartment complex laundry room? Was the incident facilitated by lack of security? In some such cases, a property owner or a facilities management company may be liable for damages. You may be able to sue for compensation for your injuries from whoever should have kept you safe, and failed to do what was necessary to watch out for customers’ or visitors’ well-being.

Volkema Thomas, LLC, Takes On Challenging Premises Liability Cases

Proving that negligent security was a cause of someone’s injury by assault can be a tough case. Volkema Thomas Miller & Scott, LPA, often takes on challenging cases versus property owners or security services companies. Our lawyers are prepared to evaluate facts in cases that indicate negligence involving inadequate security in parking garages, hotels, casinos and retail settings.

Every case is unique, and we are diligent to stay open-minded as we sift through evidence of:

  • Failure to respond appropriately to past incidents of violence by increasing security
  • Failure to maintain surveillance cameras in working order
  • Failure to notify the public of known threats to personal safety
  • Failure to keep fences or other protective features in good repair

Our attorneys are prepared to investigate, evaluate and then negotiate or litigate zealously in pursuit of compensation for your injuries and losses after an encounter with violence in a public place.

Contact A Columbus Premises Liability Attorney

We offer free initial consultations to injured people and their family members throughout Ohio. If we take your premises liability case, we will do so on a contingency basis. Learn how we can advocate on your behalf and help you uncover appropriate sources of compensation. Email us or call 614-227-7061.