Product Liability

Harmed By A Defective Product?

Volkema Thomas, LLC provides exceptional legal services for Ohio clients who have been injured by dangerous consumer products. Our attorneys have extensive product liability expertise, approaching every case with an in-depth understanding of Ohio product liability laws and a wealth of trial experience.

Our lawyers walk our clients through all of their legal options and provide them all relevant information necessary to make well-reasoned decisions about their case. This includes information such as:

  • Products can be defective if they have a design flaw, a manufacturing defect or lack adequate warnings of potential dangers associated with the product’s use.
  • Design defects are typically found when a product’s intended design presents a substantial risk of injury.
  • A product with a manufacturing defect has been reasonably designed, but was constructed defectively such that its abnormal production renders it unreasonably dangerous.
  • Inadequate warning labels can also be grounds for a product liability claim if the warnings would have prevented the injury and were reasonable to include with the product.
  • The manufacturer, distributor and retailer of any consumer product all have a duty to ensure that it is safe for public use.
  • Under these defect claims, any product provider can be held strictly liable for a consumer’s injuries.
  • Injured consumers can also bring product liability claims under theories of negligence or breach of an implied or express warranty.

When our clients have questions about these or any other aspects of a product liability case, such as those involving defective orthopedic implants and other products that have well-known defects, we take the time to provide them with the answers and guidance they deserve.

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