Do’s And Don’ts After A Trucking Accident

DO see a doctor as soon as possible. Seeking medical attention after an accident is critical for your health and your financial recovery. Seeing a doctor starts a record of your treatment that can be used to demonstrate your injuries in any future claim. Even if you think you’re fine, see a doctor.

DO call the police and cooperate with law enforcement. To document the accident and contribute to an accurate report, contact the police and wait until they arrive on the scene. Any other drivers involved should wait, too.

DO document everything you can. Any record you can make of the accident itself, your communication with anyone involved or your medical treatment can be important to your case.

DO follow your doctor’s advice. If you are starting to feel better, it can be a great relief — but you should continue with your doctor’s recommended course of treatment until he or she tells you not to. If you fail to do so, the insurer may try to question the severity of your injuries and pay out less.

DON’T give a statement to an insurer or sign anything without a lawyer. They may be trying to weaken your claim. The trucking company and its insurers work with experienced attorneys who handle injury claims every day. You should do the same. Let your lawyer talk to the insurer so you don’t have to.

DON’T accept their first offer on the spot. If the insurance company is making an offer, it means they know you have a legitimate claim. Talk to an attorney to evaluate your case and find out if they’re offering what it is worth.

DO Speak With An Attorney Who Will Fight For You

When you are trying to recover your health and cover expenses after a truck accident, it is essential that you do everything you can to preserve your rights. To maximize your chances of making a full financial recovery, you need lawyers with a strong record of success in cases like yours.

At Volkema Thomas, LLC, we have the experience and the skills to fight for you — just as we have fought for every one of the tens of millions of dollars we have recovered for clients throughout Ohio. To learn more and schedule a consultation at our downtown Columbus office, please contact us at 614-227-7061.