Representative Cases

Truck Accidents

City employee hit by truck driver — Our client was driving a city of Columbus vehicle when he was struck by a truck driver. Both men were acting in the course of their employment when the accident occurred. The defendants admitted liability and the case proceeded to trial in federal court. The last offer during trial was $250,000 which was rejected by the plaintiffs. The jury returned a unanimous verdict totaling $902,700 for the city driver and his wife.

Wrongful death case against a distracted truck driver — We represented the administrator of an estate in a wrongful death claim against a trucking company and one of its employees. The victim was hit by a truck while crossing the street in a marked crosswalk and with the light. Our client alleged that the trucker was distracted by talking on the phone near the time of the accident. The defendants paid $1.5 million to resolve the case.

Successful settlement for sleeping co-driver — We represented a co-driver who was in the sleeper portion of a truck cab when a collision occurred. He suffered a significant closed head injury and had to undergo significant occupational and physical therapy following his initial hospitalization. We secured a settlement for his damages and he was eventually able to return to a full-time position with his employer.

Car Accidents

Head-on crash caused by driver error — We represented the front seat passenger in a car that had a head-on crash with a second vehicle. The crash was caused by a third vehicle that started and stopped at a left turn, causing the second vehicle to swerve left and hit our client. The driver of the third vehicle was found responsible for our clients’ injuries, which included hip and knee fractures. Both fractures required extensive treatment, including open reduction and internal fixation.

Wrongful death caused by drowsy driving — A married couple was riding a motorcycle together when an octogenarian driver fell asleep at the wheel, veering across the median and killing them both. The couple’s family received the limits of the driver’s primary and umbrella policies, as well as $25,000 from the driver individually.