The Dangers Of Defective Trucking Equipment

While many truck accidents are caused by human error on the part of the driver, sometimes mechanical problems are at the root of a crash. Tractor-trailers are large and complicated machines, requiring many parts to work perfectly for safe operation. When one or more of those components fail, the results can be disastrous.

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Why Is Faulty Equipment So Dangerous?

It is critical that truck drivers maintain control of their vehicles on the road. Defective equipment can compromise that control in several ways:

  • A truck may swerve unpredictably, veer into other vehicles or even run off the road.
  • Complete vehicle failure can cause a sudden stop in the middle of high-speed traffic, causing a dangerous pileup.
  • Certain equipment failures may allow an improperly-secured load to come loose in the roadway, posing a hazard to other vehicles.
  • Defective brakes may cause trucks to jackknife.

When equipment failure causes accidents and injuries, many parties may share responsibility. It may be appropriate to bring a lawsuit for damages against the truck driver, trucking company, leasing company, equipment manufacturers or the person responsible for maintaining the truck.

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