How Trucker Fatigue Can Cause Serious Injuries

In the trucking and logistics industry, time is money. To maximize miles covered and dollars earned, truckers often drive for long hours without taking adequate breaks. This can result in serious fatigue, a leading cause of trucking accidents. Fatigue impairs reaction time, focus and judgment, which are all critical for someone operating a large vehicle.

If you have been hit and injured, or lost a loved one, because of a tired truck driver, you have options for legal recourse. At Volkema Thomas, LLC, in Columbus, Ohio, our attorneys have helped drivers statewide secure compensation for their losses after collisions with drowsy truck drivers.

Who Is Responsible When Truckers Drive Drowsy?

Obviously, truck drivers are responsible for their own behavior. Truckers should take rest breaks when appropriate to avoid driving when they’re too tired to do so safely. Unfortunately, they often face tremendous pressure from their employers to drive long hours and meet strict deadlines. They may fear losing their jobs if they don’t make deliveries on a tight schedule.

Trucking companies are responsible for keeping their drivers — and other motorists on the road — safe. They are supposed to implement policies that prevent driver fatigue by limiting hours and providing adequate rest breaks. When they fail to do so and it causes an accident, they are often found liable for accidents.

Holding Truck Companies Accountable – One Case At A Time

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