When Truckers Drive Distracted

The rise of cellphones has also led to a rise in injuries and deaths caused by distracted drivers. In recent years, distracted driving has become a safety epidemic that transportation agencies and lawmakers continue to fight. When the people responsible for driving large, dangerous trucks become distracted, it can be disastrous for others on the road.

At Volkema Thomas LLC, our attorneys are dedicated to representing the interests of people hurt in trucking accidents involving distracted truckers. If you have been hurt by a negligent truck driver, we can help you protect your rights and pursue the compensation you need to cover your health care expenses, lost wages and other damages.

Experience that gets results: Our firm recently handled a wrongful death claim involving a distracted truck driver who struck and killed a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Evidence showed that the driver had been talking on the phone around the time of the accident, and the responsible parties paid $1.5 million to settle the case. See more representative cases.

Distracted Driving Is Alarmingly Common Among Truckers

Everyone struggles to put their phone away now and then, but truck drivers face a virtual barrage of distractions on a daily basis. Inside a vehicle that weighs upward of 80,000 pounds, those distractions can easily turn deadly. While they are supposed to be focusing on the road, they may be:

  • Using a cellphone or other electronic device
  • Communicating with their employer
  • Using onboard navigation systems, CB radios and fleet management systems
  • Fatigued, which can compromise a trucker’s ability to pay attention
  • Having to take meals on the road because of long hours and tight timelines

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